GCV5045 16DA A04 TS2R
50 Ltr ANTICALC Water Heater

50 Ltr ANTICALC Water Heater

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Reliable protection against corrosion

Lower scale deposit

Long useful life

Noiseless heating process

Two degree moisture-proof switch – provides a choise of fast or normal heating

Highly reliable Stainless steel heating element – ceramic coated protective sleeve

High safety level – no contact of the heating element with the water surface

Easy and quick maintenance

Service extra convenience – No necessity of draining out the water when the heating element needs replacement

Glass-ceramic protection of the water tank

Adjustable thermostat

Magnesium anode with 3 years of useful life


Highly efficient thermo-insulation

Antifreeze protection

Technical characteristics
Volume [L] 50 L
Protection of the tank Glass ceramic
Rated voltage [V/Hz] 230V/50Hz
Rated power [W] 1600 W
Power settings [W] 1600 W / 800 W
Working pressure [Mpa] 0.8 MPa
Insulation [mm] 18 mm
Heating time from 15°C to 65°C 1h 49 min / 3h 38 min
Two degree moisture-proof switch Yes
Adjustable thermostat Yes
Magnesium anode Yes
Anode tester No
Safety valve Yes
Dimensions H / W / D [m] 0.550 x 0.440 x 0.460 m
Net weight [kg] 17.6 kg
Installation Vertical

5 Year Guarantee

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